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Why Above and Beyond’s New Album is All We Need

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

Excuse me while I go fangirl about Above & Beyond’s New Album… Scrubs fangirl Above & Beyond Now that I have that out of my system, I can finally settle down enough from this news. Above & Beyond released preorders of their new album, ‘We Are All We Need,’ through the iTunes and Anjuna store. This new album is the return to Trance after their ‘Acoustic’ album was released in January. Two of the tunes we know already are ‘Blue Sky Action’ and ‘Sticky Fingers,’ and now we get the title track of the album ‘We’re All We Need.’ Wondering why there is no preview? Don’t worry, Above & Beyond released a 10 second preview on As you listen to the tune, they ask you to take part in one of the best cover-art ideas ever. Above and Beyond We're All We Need When you connect your Facebook profile to the site you can add your friends and family to the cover art, emblazoning their names across the now customized hand that that makes up the front logo of the new record. While you select your favorite people in the world, the piano piece (preview of their new track) pulls at your heart strings and leaves you wanting more. Above & Beyond continue to blow our minds with new ways of spreading the good vibes their music gives off. For only $3 extra, this is a great addition to your discography. Jono, Tony and Paavo continue to blow our minds not only through music but also in their connectivity with their fans. A weekly podcast, a fantastic live set and now personalizing their album covers, the sky is the limit for Above & Beyond. Along with brilliant social media sites, budding marketers and artists should look to them for ideas to push the boundaries. Preorder the album, ‘We Are All We Need’ now for $10. They also offer a box set and a t-shirt to go along with the album. Although we have to wait until January 20th for the release, we can still catch them live on Friday with another version of ‘Group Therapy.’ Get your uplifting music fix with ‘Blue Sky Action,’ and now you can go back to fangirling.