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Deadmau5 Proves He's Not Always a Troll

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Alex Blake

We’ve all seen Deadmau5 be an asshole. Whether it goes back to what some consider to be “trolling in bad taste” at this year’s Ultra Music Festival, his notorious (and inevitable) twitter rants and even some of his most recent criticism directed at Krewella and their recent woes, Joel Zimmerman has actively courted both fans and enemies with his personality. However, he definitely isn’t an asshole ALL the time. [caption id="attachment_27105" align="aligncenter" width="509"]Deadmau5 being at least kind of a dick. Deadmau5 getting after Krewella, but giving Rainman a little break...[/caption] Zac Campbell, a DJ playing a small club for a local DJ competition, was attacked after his gig leaving him stabbed, beaten, bitten and hospitalized, all because someone wanted his gear. Having heard of Zac’s situation, Deadmau5 stepped in to see what he could do to remedy Zac’s “shitty night.” Not only did Joel replace his stolen MacBook, he heard through his friends that Zac wanted to get into the production game as well. Joel included a copy of Ableton 9, Native Instruments Komplete 10, and a Traktor Kontrol S4. You can read Deadmau5’s tumblr post here. 478493 No matter what someone says on twitter, I think this shows that Joel’s heart is in the right place. He might be rough around the edges, or even downright offensive to some, but this show of generosity is astounding to me. Not only did he provide this guy with completely new equipment, but he’ll also likely be providing him with fans given this new found publicity. I personally hope Zac makes a full recovery and look to see how he puts these new Deadmau5 gifted treats to use.