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Premiere: The Sweet Life Society Take On "MAMA YO!"

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

With their unique spin on dance music, self-proclaimed “electroswing” duo The Sweet Life Society has given Latin star Mayra Veronica’s song “MAMA YO!” a big band makeover. With dark, circus-inspired beats and a brass section backing the track’s playful melodies, the duo from Torino, Italy, have taken “MAMA YO!” in a funky, vintage direction. Mayra Veronica--best known for her US Billboard Dance Chart #1 hit "Mama Mia"--is the latest singer to remake the classic Carmen Miranda song "Mamãe Eu Quero," joining names like Lucille Ball and the Marx Brothers. The music video for Mayra’s “MAMA YO!” stands at 1 million views and counting on YouTube and has gotten the remix treatment from Yolanda Be Cool, Bali Bandits, Jasper Dietze, and BOOTSMEN. As producers of the original “MAMA YO!” version, The Sweet Life Society jumped into remixing the track just after releasing their first full-length album “Swing Circus” on July 15 on Warner Music. The two producers, Matteo Marini and Gabriele Concas, perform live with an ensemble of musicians made up by singers, horns, manouche guitars, and a double bass and were described by Bestival as “the most amazing jump up act of the summer.” The “MAMA YO!” remix package will be out on Beatport November 4 and on all other retailers November 17.

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