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‪Above & Beyond #‎ABGT100‬ live Q&A from Google’s HQ in NYC

Thursday, October 16, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

Above & Beyond is answering your questions today live on a Google Hangout from the Google headquarters in New York City. The event takes place in a few hours so if you have any last minute questions, follow the link in the facebook post below to submit them!
This is an interesting marketing move by Above & Beyond. I love the idea of doing a Google hangout, I'm a huge fan of the service, I think skype sucks, and this is more intimate than a Reddit AMA. Even if someone's an eloquent writer, things can get lost in translation, there's so much more we can learn about a person by their physical reaction to a question. Will you be tuning in? Comment below with your questions for Above & Beyond and let's speculate!