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‘Worlds’ Tour may not be so worldly

Thursday, October 16, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

Porter Robinson unfortunately had to cancel upcoming shows in Germany, France and Finland amidst venue size issues. After touring across America wowing fans with his amazing Worlds light production, he realized that the production needs a larger venue to fit and canceled the future tour dates. Read the full description, posted on his Facebook early this morning.

He broke the news on Facebook in between his apologies for not having enough money and wanting to provide the best experience. He does promise refunds of the tickets, though some fans have still commented their disbelief. “It’s for the music” seems to reign as the deciding factor in both arguments. The fans just want the ability to see Porter live, no matter if his full lighting system can’t fit. Porter wants to preserve them from hearing something he isn’t proud of. While I see the fans side, being one myself, I can’t help but think maybe Porter might be right after seeing pictures from the tour.

[caption id="attachment_27223" align="aligncenter" width="720" class=" "]Porter Robinson Worlds Tour This looks amazing... is all that can be said[/caption]

Porter Robinson shocked everyone with his unique shift in sound on Worlds and his Worlds Tour was promised to be a sight for everyone to experience. He even decided to make a YouTube show dedicated to the tour. Using specific lighting synced with the music, Porter took great pride in this adventure, and it certainly shows.

[caption id="attachment_27224" align="aligncenter" width="720" class=" "]Porter Robinson Worlds Tour This is not just any concert[/caption]

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I personally support the artist in what he wants to do, I feel bad about the lost chances for the fans in Europe but he promises to be back there as soon as he can. What do you guys think about it? Should Porter have canceled the dates, or should he have played those tour dates at the cost of having the full effect? Check out his future tour dates in the states on including a stop at SnowGlobe over the new year. Comment below with your opinions while remembering that this tour is not meant to be a rave, rather an experience.