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Mat Zo Confesses to Ghost Mixing His Podcasts

Saturday, October 18, 2014
Angelica Dietzel

No longer able to bear the burden of his guilty conscience, Mat Zo revealed on twitter this week, in what seems to be a series of confessions, that all of his radio mixes from the past few months have been completely ghost mixed.
In this twitter confession he states "all your favorite DJs' radio shows are ghost mixed". Although this concept isn't something out of the ordinary, ghost mixing and producing has been something frowned upon in this industry, especially by those who produce their albums entirely on their own. To have someone as wildly successful as Mat Zo make such accusations kind of makes you wonder which of our "favorite DJ's" are doing it too. Read his full confession below:     Now that the cat is finally out of the bag, Mat Zo seems relieved to be able to be honest about something that potentially could discourage some of his fans. As a fan, does something of this measure really change your outlook about this producer? Or is it simply just a podcast? Knowing that he came clean and there could be more like him out there, would you say it was a noble thing he's done? Could this possibly attract more DJs to confess? Let's hear what the Mat Zo fans have to say, leave your comments and opinions below.