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Shazam Killer? Check out the Ingenuity of Pioneer’s New Software

Saturday, October 18, 2014
Sage DeVault

Pioneer’s New Software Will Publish Real-Time Set Lists 

Yesterday Pioneer announced an app/software platform called Kuvo that will allow DJs to publish their set lists in real-time and be available to anyone from anywhere in the world. It's platform is to mainly give the audience a new insight on the production of certain sets and how DJ's incorporate their creativity. This new, revolutionary  technology will eliminate the need for fans to use Shazam or song-recognizing sites to identify songs during the set. It will be one more way for the DJs to connect with their audience, and enhance the overall experience. To learn more about Kuvo, view the video below:  
Will this new technology kill off Shazam? Probably not, but it will definitely start to affect their share of the market if people feel confident about being able to find their favorite artists setlists online the day after the show. Shazam continues to serve a purpose outside of the venue, but as this type of technology becomes more accessible, we have to ask how other technology companies will attempt to capitalize on it or incorporate it into their own business models. What do you think?