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Slander blocked me on facebook for...committing slander?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sometime early last week, I commented on a link that Heaven Trap duo 'Slander' posted on their Facebook page, which contained a soundcloud link for the "set that changed our lives forever." After making a critique on the overplayed Big Room/Festival Trap nature of the set (and subsequent lack of their own material), I later discovered I had been barred from commenting or Liking statuses and pictures they post on their Facebook fan page.

Slander Are Truly Gifted Producers

I discovered the talented set of producers sometime last year when OTB started posting about them, and fell in love with their musical concept of "Heaven Trap." Their productions are unique, emotionally haunting, and above all, communicate a different message of the concept of Trap music than one might hear from turnup superstars like Flosstradamus or Bro Safari. What's more, I love their attitude towards fan involvement: the guys are incredibly active on social media, reaching out to and interacting with their growing fan base in their posts and comments on Facebook. Yet, after hyping myself up for the 30 minute set they kept raving about, I was incredibly disappointed (but by no means shocked) to hear a less than preferable amount of the remixes and original productions they've created which follow this notion of "heaven trap," and an overwhelming amount of Big Room House and Festival Trap remixes by other producers. So, in support of them and to give them critique as an avid fan, I responded to the post, saying something along the lines of "The majority of the tracks you guys played in this set are composed by producers who don't possess even a percentage of the talent you guys have. I'm confused as to why, given your incredible artistic prowess, you aren't playing more of the heaven-inducing remixes and originals you guys have composed." I don't believe it was particularly negatively phrased, but I was direct and my message was clear: why play for the masses when your fans want to hear tracks that YOU guys put out, the music that inspires heavenly creativity and emotion.

You Blocked Me On Facebook

Well, needless to say, no one likes to receive negative feedback, but we all have to one way or another in order progress and improve ourselves. I honestly forgot about the whole thing until it popped up on my newsfeed several days later. I went to Like a status of theirs, and saw I could now only "share" posts and pictures of theirs. Slander (or their management) had taken away one of their fans' ability to dialogue with them. We see this kind of situation in both our own country's and global society as a whole all the time: someone has a controversial opinion on a matter, and if the opinion isn't positively sanctioned by the institution being spoken about, said institution often finds a way to silence or take away that voice to save face and avoid bad PR. But, I have to ask: is this bad PR, guys? Am I just a negative nancy trying to stir up trouble and take away from the success and experience you guys are enjoying?


The debate on what I consider mainstream Big Room House and Festival Trap is a heated one, and is particularly close to my heart. I've seen a frightful amount of several of my favorite artists (Sander van Doorn, Kennedy Jones, Diplo, Cosmic Gate, W&W and Hardwell just to name a few) fall victim to producing and supporting (from exhaustively playing it out in their sets to releasing it themselves or on their own labels) of this mindlessly repetitive and uncreative sound being pushed onto us. I'm REALLY not one for writing sensationalist articles that appear to skew the truth and pull views. I write about the music I love, and I try to share my views on the artists who create it so others can see the beauty I see and spread the inexplicable power that it has on our world. But, when I see someone I support going down that dark Big Room path and try to at the very least find out more on the situation, shutting me out is a rather petty and frankly undemocratic way to go about dealing with things. So, I ask those reading this: What the fuck is going on? It legitimately seems like everyone involved with this mainstream genre of Big Room/Festival Trap is trying to hide something. Swedish House Mafia is a cool name, but there appears to be an actual Big Room House mafia conspiracy happening in mainstream dance music at the moment.