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Beating ALS One Note At a Time Every90Minutes

Monday, October 20, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

As the United States dumped vast amounts of ice water on their heads in support of ALS research this summer, a music tech company in Austin, Texas received some grave news. Livid Instruments founder and CEO Jay Smith was diagnosed with ALS in May 2014. As most of you know, this disease doesn’t have a cure as of now and is severely underfunded. Jay Smith founded the 90 Foundation in order to provide funding for ALS research. Every90Minutes and Austin based Gravitas Recordings joined forces to create an album supporting research. In an interview with Thump, Jay Smith discussed how he has been coping with the disease, [caption id="attachment_27323" align="aligncenter" width="600" class=" "]Jay Smith Every90Minutes Jay Smith, CEO and founder of Livid Instruments and Every90Minutes was diagnosed with ALS May 2014.[/caption]

 "Given that there is no treatment for ALS, not one single pill, I rely on a few non-medical things to keep me going; one is laughter and the other is music....Music can do so much for the mind, body and spirit. For ALS patients, if you live long enough the only thing you have left are your eyes and ears—listening becomes a very big part of your life."

I love his description of what music can do. Music is a universal healer as it can fit any mood, happy, sad, scared, you name it. This album, a 16 tune compilation, is all original from some of the greats including Bassnectar, Tritonal, ill.Gates, Eliot Lipp and Psymbionic. This compilation has everything EDM including a dreamy original from Bassnectar, a reggae tune from Dub FX and some melodic dubstep from Au5 and Fractal. It even includes a funky fresh original from Gravitas co-founder Psymbionic. beat als vol 1 The album starts off with a beautiful original from Bassnectar, “Ephemeral.” It reminds me of Bassnectar’s Mesmerizing the Ultra as you travel through space with his spacey synths and rumbling bass. BT continues the adventure with a beautiful ambient tune that creates chills down my body. Au5, Fractal and Bird of Prey join together to create beautiful, melodic “Spawn” that appeases the dub lovers in all of us. Eliot Lipp and Psymbionic provide some groove in the album with “Long Over Due” and “Fever.” Ill.Gates provides an electro style to the appropriately named “Ice Bucket,” while Tritonal ends the album with a heartfelt ambient tune featuring Cristina Soto on the vocals. Available from Bandcamp for $10, you can also pay more if you feel like it. All the proceeds from the album go to ALS research. I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to purchase the album though, it has brilliant music while supporting an amazing cause. Enjoy the album and remember the power that music has had on your life along with others.