Ghosts ‘n DJs: Destroying shitty DJs one at a time

This might just be the best kickstarter campaign to ever grace the front pages of the internet.


Dr Kucho! Games in Madrid, Spain is raising money on kickstarter to fund his latest video game that’s set on destroying the fake artists he believes are ruining the EDM industry. Here’s the description from the kickstarter page:

The story of Dr. Kucho!, a real DJ and music producer who fights against fake artists that became stars because of their money. A game inspired on Ghosts’n Goblins, keeping the retro style but fighting the monsters of today.

steve sushi

This is a screen shot from the kickstarter page that depicts “Steve Sushi,” one of the evil characters in the game.


Who is Dr. Kucho? Check out his personal page here

Check out more info on the kickstarter page here

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Daniel Taibleson

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