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Insomniac’s Boo! Halloween Massive Cancelled

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

Courtesy of Milo & Otis, we received news that Insomniac’s Boo! Halloween Massive taking place in New York City was cancelled today. Instead, all the artists that were slated to play will be performing at RPM Presents Pier of Fear. [caption id="attachment_27755" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Insomniac’s Boo! Halloween Massive Canceled Aww, don't cry! The show will go on![/caption]

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What sparks controversy is how Insomniac and RPM Presents alerted everyone to the news. Rather than informing artists in an email or contacting their management, the artists found out by social media. Although this is an effective tool for people to hear about the news, this is no way for a music company to treat the artists.     — Milo & Otis (@MiloAndOtis) October 27, 2014 Milo & Otis were one of the artists that unfortunately heard the news through Twitter. Milo & Otis at the Pier of Fear should get anyone excited, but this creates quite a sticky situation in NYC. From the picture above, we see that tickets of both concerts will be accepted at Pier of Fear. What will that mean for ticketing? Will floorseat ticket buyers still receive the same seats? What about the people who have tickets for J14 in the Barclays Center? Do they get General Admission seats? What about set times? How are they going to do this? The questions don’t end there. What is for certain is that all the artists set to play BOO! Will play at Pier of Fear joining Adventure Club, Borgeous and Cazzette. While the event is going to be off the hook, don’t shrug off the pandemonium that will occur now. How would you like to be told over social media that an event you have had planned for months was canceled? Not a personalized message from them or an email, just a random post for everyone to see. I agree with Shendy Hershfield, another writer on Only The Beat, when she tweeted out:  
— Shendy Hershfield (@shendyh) October 27, 2014 Will this change any Halloween plans for you? What are your thoughts on media companies alerting clients of cancellations by social media? I guess it isn’t Halloween unless something eerie or creepy happens. If you are attending this event, give the ticketers a thank you for dealing with this sudden change and treat them as part of the EDM family.