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OTB's Turned your Favorite Artists into Zombies!

Friday, October 31, 2014

What do Skrillex, Tiesto, Hardwell, deadmau5, and Zedd have in common? We've turned them into Zombies to help celebrate Halloween! Download the images and save them as your desktop or share them on social media. Have to work on Halloween? Get in the holiday spirit and add these bad boys to your emails. Nothing says Happy Halloween like a bloody Mau5 head!

1) You blocked me on Facebook, and now, you're going to die...No seriously. I'm gonna kill you and eat your brains. I'm a Zombie. 


2) Well this explains a lot...


3) Has new single "Young Again"...More like, "Young Forever" 


4) Real reason for quitting EDM: Trolling online wasn't enough! 


5) The only zombie that makes being a zombie look cute


Poll: Who looks best as a zombie?

A huge thank you to Michaela Shipman for putting these images together! Check out her portfolio here and follow her on Facebook here

Happy Halloween!