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Zedd Proves Producers are Musicians Too in New Video

While EDM continues to be the butt of musician jokes for the foreseeable future, Zedd decided to take to the drums and show off the skills of an EDM producer. Instead of mixers and MIDI controllers, Anton Zaslavski (Zedd’s real name) dons the drumset as he covers his tune, “Find You.” As you watch Zedd zoom around the drum set, his technique with the sticks and the ease of movement seems like he knows a thing or two about drumming. When you look at his genes and his upbringing, combined with a little hard work, it's clear why he's such a good musician. Both of his parents are musicians and encouraged him to take up instruments from a young age. Zedd started playing the piano when he was 4 and continued his prowess when he started playing drums at 12. As he continues to rule radio waves with hits like “Clarity” “Find You” and “Break Free” Zedd continues to build on his classical music training as he shapes the growing electronic genre. People may put down this genre for not having “musicians” but instead, this genre yields musical producers that represent the classical composers of old. Beethoven wrote Dubstep symphonies (anybody remember his 5th?) from his piano. Mozart created the Trance of the day with his haunting piano concertos. Vivaldi portrayed the seasons with an adventurous take that defies genres.

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DJ's are musicians also

While studies have shown that the greatest minds back in the day would probably be listening to heavy metal if they were alive today, we see more and more electronic producers becoming the “classics” of EDM as the genre expands. Zedd will forever be known as a House front runner. Skrillex will always be accounted with the rise of Dubstep (he also started off on guitar in the metal band, From First to Last.) Above & Beyond will forever be the Trance Kings as Porter Robinson continues to explore the deepest crevices of electronic music through all the seasons. skrillex above and beyond Yes that is Skrillex playing guitar with Above & Beyond. It happened October 13th. Vibe broke the news and our hearts when they stated that Above & Beyond is an electro trio... yeah, we are going to forget about that.

Proof that EDM artists could outwrite Classical Composers

EDM artists have more to prove as musicians than the latest rock band because of the lack of "instruments." With these artists though, it's hard not to prove that they are musicians when they continue to prove it in their music. If you need help proving it to other people, let them listen to the acoustic album of Above & Beyond or Skrillex’s Orchestral Suite on Bangarang.

Skrillex - Orchestral Suite by Varien

In case you need even more proof, here is the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra playing Nero’s dubstep symphony live. If this doesn’t prove that electronic music producers are musicians, you must not know what musicianship is.

Who do you think is the best musician?

While I'm not trying to bash rock music, people shouldn't disregard electronic musicians as artists either. I personally find EDM to remind me of classical music in style since it is based on instruments and not vocals. As I said earlier Beethoven = Skrillex, Mozart = Above & Beyond and Vivaldi = Porter Robinson. I'm struggling to place Zedd... who do you think he most represents in classical music? Your guess is as good as mine. Who do you think represents Bach the most? Comment below with your ideas.