Dash Berlin & 3LAU ‘Somehow’ Broke My Laptop Screen

Holy Big Room Batman! Dash Berlin and 3LAU just released the official music video for their collaboration, Somehow, featured on Dash Berlin’s album We Are Part 1. Following the story of a young couple in love at the Marquee Nightclub in Vegas; Bright Lights sings on top of a parking lot as Dash Berlin and 3LAU blow up the nightclub.

Dash Berlin & 3LAU ft. Bright Lights – Somehow

Is it me or did Bright Lights resemble Elizabeth Banks in The Hunger Games?

elizabeth banks bright lights lookalike somehow

Live action shots from the Marquee fill this music video while cutscenes at the Little White Chapel progress the love story. The big room beat reminds me of mainstage at the biggest festivals and we are sure to see these two there in the coming season.

Dash Berlin features a 30 second clip of “Never Let You Go” which is also on the album, at the end of the video. Could this be a hint at a new music video? Take with it what you will, but enjoy the video and purchase their album on iTunes.

Alex Zimmerman

Alex Zimmerman

Music has always been a passion of mine, being the kid trying to find the latest music to listen to. In college, I was exposed to Emalkay's "When I Look At You" and EDM quickly became my favorite genre. I hope to show people through writing what EDM has done to me and hope I can help people discover the beauty that is EDM.
Alex Zimmerman
- 20 hours ago
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