Post Krewella Breakup: Rain Man’s Side Project & New Song

After Kris Trindl aka Rain Man of Krewella got the boot back in September I’m sure we were all curious to see where the future would take their music careers, Rain Mans’ especially. Just two months after the legal action occurred, Rain Man comes to light with a new side project he’s doing with “Kill Hannah” front man Mat Devine called Hunter Square.

Hunter Square’s first appearance comes to us from Mat Devine’s own solo project Wrongchilde as a remix of  his song “Falling in Love (will kill you)” with some vocal spotlight of Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. This first release of the new side project is being given away for free HERE.

Here is the track that was released

Compared to what he produced as Krewella, this song digs into a more pop sound and gives the original version a slight dub sound for an intricate touch. The debut of Hunter Square leaves us a little unimpressed knowing the style that we heard as Krewella but Rain Man says…

He drops a little snippet of a song he’s working on and I’m sure the bassheads are happy with it, listen below.

All the Krewella turmoil aside, congratulations to Kris Trindl for branching out with different artists and creating this sound of your own, time to celebrate.

rain man

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