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Relive Electric Zoo with Official Aftermovie and Photo Gallery

Thursday, November 20, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

In case the cold has gotten to you, Electric Zoo just released the official aftermovie and photo gallery from the August festival that will help you warm up. Instead of the normal mashup of big-room and progressive house anthems that are put on display in most aftermovies, Electric Zoo took a  more chill approach as EDX’s tune “Breathin’” plays throughout. Clocking in at only 4:32 this is a perfect watch during commercial breaks of your favorite TV show.

 Electric Zoo 2014 Aftermovie

Filled with girls in bikini tops with fuzzy boots, artists staring into the crowd and people making out and dancing, the visuals are nothing groundbreaking. What hit the mark though is the announcer. Spoken over the deep-house beat, the announcer describes why so many people have fallen in love with EDM conveying that the music breaks down our barriers and transforms us into something spectacular. "This one line describes it perfectly. “I am no vocation, we are lovers on vacation.” It reminds us that what we do as a job doesn’t define us.

Now For Some Fun...

Check out those glasses at 1:08 in the video, I want those so bad. Along with the stunning video, Electric Zoo also released over 200 photos from the festival filled with beautiful scenery, people and moments over the two days. Check out my favorite 5 pictures below.

1. Check Out The Costumes

[caption id="attachment_28747" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Electric Zoo 2014 costume This multi-colored leopard print was one of many costumes on display at the event.[/caption]

2. Enjoying the New York Sunset with EDM

[caption id="attachment_28748" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Electric Zoo 2014 Sunset What's better than listening to EDM music while watching the sunset? Nothing.[/caption]

3. Lights, Stages, Action!

[caption id="attachment_28749" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Electric Zoo 2014 Stage What a spectacular mainstage.[/caption]

 4. Meet Me Under the Orange Tree

[caption id="attachment_28750" align="aligncenter" width="640" class=" "]Electric Zoo 2014 Trees Not only were the stages lit up.[/caption]

5. Armin's Blue Zoo

[caption id="attachment_28751" align="aligncenter" width="640" class=" "]Electric Zoo 2014 Armin Armin turned New York into a blue Zoo[/caption]

Looking Forward…

Although the festival was cut a day short due to weather, I’m sure it was an amazing event. As Electric Zoo struggles to complete each event, the pictures and video still make it one of the premier EDM festivals in the New York area. While some comments complain of being herded off the island and of trolling American EDM, the vast majority of the fans show enormous support for the festival and continue to reflect what it means to be involved in the genre. Electric Zoo ends their aftermovie with an interesting logo for the 2015 event. Underneath the typical logo, they place the word “Transformed”. What does this mean? Amidst the trouble of hosting the full event in the past 2 years, it seems that Made Event will be transforming the festival into something different. I have a few guesses but Check out the full photo gallery on their website, and comment below on what you think the changes for the upcoming Electric Zoo in 2015 might be.

This gorilla wants you to attend Electric Zoo

Electric Zoo 2014 Gorilla