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Breaking Down the Buzz: Social Media Study of Top 10 Venues

Friday, November 21, 2014
Angelica Dietzel

Eventbrite, an online ticketing service, and leading social media research company Mashwork teamed up to compile a years worth of data from Twitter, Facebook, different blogs and forums, gathering over 12 million mentions for over 600 different venues to see which U.S. music venues we love the most. boogie-nights-dancing-mark-wahlberg-john-c-reilly A staggering 43% of the conversations used in this study came from people aged 18 to 34, referred to as Millennials. We live in a generation where cell phones are in the hands of more and more Americans each year. A generation of tech-savvy individuals and the age of constant connection, where social media is the backbone for all the buzz that goes around.  With partygoers, ravers and clubbers taking their love for music to facebook, twitter, etc, different music venues get the limelight and enter these conversations. Continue reading for the breakdown of the buzz around these venues.

The Top 10 Venues Talked About


EDM Rules the Board

Shown in the data above, Hakkasan Las Vegas takes the top spot for the most talked-about music venue on social media followed by Webster Hall in NY and Marquee in Las Vegas. Las Vegas took 4 spots in the top 10 but what stands out the most is that of the 10 venues shown, 7 of them happen to be electronic music based venues. In the last few years EDM has been on the rise, so its no surprise that electronic music is popular among Millennials. The hot topics surrounding the venues being mentioned revolve around DJ's performing in clubs and those who have talked or will talk about the top 10 venues will most likely mention an artist in this genre. Music_Venue_Graphics_Final_01

The Experiences

From the artists being described: Saying thanks and showing love to the great venue you attended: Showing off what you're rocking: Or having the time of your life with your friends: The talk around the 10 most-mentioned venues show the experiential side like what everyone above described on twitter: artists, venues being the shit, your outfits you wear out or giving thanks to the club. What this really comes down to is that EDM fans share their love much more openly on social media than any of the other music genres and to dig a little deeper electronic music fans seem to have a lot more fun than most genres, according to social media.