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Live Q&A with Mat Zo and Haywyre Today at 2 pm PST

Monday, November 24, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

Have you ever wanted to ask Mat Zo or Haywyre a question? You know like where did you get the idea for "Ruffneck Bad Boy?" How did you come up with the concert name, Mad Zoo? What about ghost producing? You can ask all these and more to Mat Zo and Haywyre today as they take to Twitter for a live Q&A today at 2 pm PST. [caption id="attachment_28897" align="aligncenter" width="500" class=" "]giraffe zoo gif Wait What!?![/caption] To start off Mat Zo’s Mad Zoo tour, the two producers decided to sit down and interact with the Twitterverse before touring across America in their Winter Roadshow. The only parameters they have is that you must use the hashtag “#madzoo” and your city to be eligible, other than that, everything is fair game.

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What questions will you be sending their way? I want to know what got into his food when he created Ruffneck Bad Boy. I’d also like to know how it felt playing ABGT100 in Madison Square Garden. Haywyre, I haven’t forgotten about you, I want to know how it feels to join Mat Zo on this winter tour. If only it was 2 pm PST already. [caption id="attachment_28898" align="aligncenter" width="234" class=" "]panda computer gif I wonder if Mat Zo can break the internet today?[/caption] Check out Mat Zo’s twitter page for all the questions he answers and make sure to send him and Haywyre questions using the hashtag “#madzoo” along with your city. Check out if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet to the Mad Zoo tour and ask all your personal questions today at 2 pm PST (4 pm CST or 5 pm EST for all those people that don't understand time zones.) It’s sure to be a hoot.