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Armin Van Buuren Gives Back to Fans w/ New Special Album!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014
Sam Storch

In a time where DJs and producers seem to be focusing all their attention on money, women, and partying there have always been those few artists who, in my estimation, can be called nothing less than purists. These purists do what they do... not for the glory or fame, but for a genuine love for the music and this scene. These individuals will go the extra mile every show just to please one of their fans (think Carnage blowing $10,000 in cash out of confetti canons). Obviously, when you think about an artist like this, several names may pop into your head (Kaskade, Bassnectar just to name a few). However, one artist who has been doing this for what seems to be forever stands above the rest... Armin Van Buuren. armin van buuren smile gif In a move that is a combination of love for his fans and what I call business genius, Armin has released a new “fan inspired” album called “Armin Anthems.” This album is a compilation of the Top 100 Armin tracks as voted by us, the fans. Honestly, I am shocked that we decided to vote “This Is What It Feels Like” over “In and Out of Love”, but to me the more important thing is that we have a say in regards to what songs go into an album. And that is cool as hell.

Armin's TOP 100 (as voted by the fans)

One of my favorite things about Armin is that he does not play sets a million times in one city. Being from New York, I can tell you that there are some DJs who play here and people get sick of them because they come so frequently. Not Armin! He come 2-4 times a year, does 2-3 personal shows and than a festival, with all of his shows being spread out. It keeps us all excited to see him come back again. With New Years coming up, its no secret that Armin will be touring in North America and if you can check him out I would highly recommend it! armin van buuren fire gif

Touring Dates:

December 26th - BC Place - Vancouver, Canada December 27th - "Lights All Night" at Dallas Convention Center - Dallas, Texas December 28th - BMO Center - Calgary, Canada December 29th - Pier 94 - New York City, New York December 30th - Colorado Convention Center - Denver, Colorado December 31st - "PopNYE" at Oracle Arena - Oakland, California