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Krewella, Please Stop.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Alex Blake

Krewella, please stop. Jahan’s recent Billboard op-ed, while well intentioned and attempting to spread a positive message, was rife with mischaracterization, character attacks, and flat out hyperbole at a fellow artist’s expense. Your message is positive. It’s important to talk about these things. (Even if Annie Mac  doesn’t think there is sexism in your industry…) But presentation is pretty important in reactionary areas like this, and that’s where you IMMENSELY fucked up. First, let me explain that I completely sympathize with most of Jahan’s message. Let me be clear, THIS IS A DISCLAIMER. I’M NOT PROMOTING SEXISM. Standing up for people, acceptance, respect and all the other positive qualities espoused by Jahan in her article are definitely something we should strive for as a culture in all respects. But when you have to get that message out there by alleging an individual was instigating sexist comments, if not making them himself, you can really come off as a liar if it’s not true. And that’s exactly what you did. First, let’s take a look at what deadmau5 tweeted.Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 6.22.16 PMHe said, “Krewella does not deliver. all hype. no drop.” There is nothing in this sentence that is sexist. There just isn’t. He then says "...don't fire the guy who actually does shit."  The fact that Rain Man is a guy, and the fact that he was usually portrayed as the DJ (at least from what I'd seen), has no sexist implications. I remember watching the live stream of your Ultra performance this past year, and thinking "You know what would make this acoustic set at an electronic music festival great? A DJ playing some electronic music." I also thought, "huh, where's that guy who usually DJs?" BECAUSE YOU WEREN'T DJing. Does this make me sexist? No. This makes me observant and slightly curious. It also might lead someone who has only seen you play an acoustic guitar to think you might not be a DJ. Deadmau5 says he doesn’t like your music. And you know what? He says that about men too. He even insults children’s music. If you were truly worried about equal treatment of women in the music world, perhaps it would be best if you didn’t cry “sexism” the instant one of the most infamous trolls on the EDM internet turns his sights on you. He does it to everyone. Just because he does it to you doesn’t make him a sexist, it makes you overly sensitive. [caption id="attachment_29370" align="aligncenter" width="691"]deadmau5 insulting men. deadmau5 insulting men.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_29371" align="aligncenter" width="509"]deadmau5 insulting children. deadmau5 insulting children.[/caption] Second, let’s take a look at the actual evidence you try and relate to deadmau5’s sexism shall we? You say, “And here are a couple of posts following deadmau5's tweets…” Oh, because the posts came after deadmau5’s tweets, that means Deadmau5 caused them? I’m not sure if you're familiar with the concept of mixing up correlation with causation, but I think this would be a prime example. (tl;dr just because one thing happened, it does not mean that it made the other thing happen). To honestly believe that someone saw deadmau5’s tweets, talking about (what he believed) to be your lack of musical talent, and thought, “Hmm…this makes me want to go post something sexist on Krewella’s wall,” you’re as deranged as the people that think Judas Priest leads to school shootings. Did these posts relate to deadmau5? Did they even mention him? Surely you see as a matter of common sense, and without more proof, why this is a silly kind of logic. f4iad Further, I think it’s important to understand why people had such a negative reaction towards this article, particularly with regard to your inclusion of deadmau5 as the doormat. It looks like you just used him to call “sexism” and generate hype about what would otherwise be another boring, although well-intentioned, feel-good article about needing to love one another. Maybe you sensed people don’t really perk up at the sound of that, so you knew you had to implicate someone who not only is famous, but would publicly react, especially when you say that he “saved you from porn” through his sexism. There seriously was no better choice than deadmau5. So good job on the click-bait, but he didn’t call you sexist. Please see above. Lastly, surely billboard knew that deadmau5 would response and they’d get two articles out of one. Sure enough, they did. So good job on hyping it up for them as well. Moreover, for someone who was so “embarassed” about everything being publicly trending, you were sure after that trending status this time, at the hypocritical expense of deadmau5. You stand for the end of online bullying and the spreading of nasty rumors, and the way you take action is through a deceptively titled, poorly reasoned, character attack levied on deadmau5 for publicity. And to add further insult to injury, by doing all of this, you’ve prompted me to write this blog hyping up the situation even more, which can be chalked up to another publicity win by calling an innocent person a sexist (yes, I realize it’s deadmau5, but calling someone a “sexist” is pretty serious), just so you can get some attention. I think deadmau5 said it best: deadmau5 realizing he's I get your message Krewella, I really do. But if we’re all truly equal here, or even striving to be equal, criticism needs to be accepted by all. And maybe some form of honesty. Because getting this message across in such a sleazy way as you did, you really may be doing more harm than good. kanye drops mic on stage