Kaskade, KillaGraham Drop Remix of Gwen Stefani’s ‘Baby Don’t Lie’ (Video)

Just when I think there will be no more surprises coming from the music world in 2014, Kaskade & KillaGraham drop what might be one of my favorite remixes of the year.

Definitely not a collaboration I would expect. This remix of Gwen Stefani’s ‘Baby Don’t Lie’ works and it works really well with her vocals. Expect to be hearing a lot of this one in 2015.

Track will be released on January 6, 2015 but for now enjoy it on YouTube!

Gwen Stefani – Baby Don’t Lie (Kaskade & Killagraham Remix)

Just for some comparison between the two, here’s the original song. Which do you like better?

Gwen Stefani – Baby Don’t Lie (Original)

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Shendy Hershfield

Shendy Hershfield

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Shendy Hershfield
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