ill.Gates and KJ Sawka are About to Change EDM Forever!

The world as we know it is about the change forever, but what is  bringing such ground breaking change to our humble existence? A new tyrannical dictator? A swarm of adorable kittens wearing bow ties? World peace? No. The Human drum Machine KJ SAWKA and legendary producer ill.GATES are about to unveil a new project that will change the face of EDM forever.


In a top secret press release, KJ Sawka and ill.Gates have announced a combining of forces that will collide the legendary production abilities of ill.Gates with the power of KJ Sawka’s drumming and beat design.  They also released a photo to show just how serious they are of changing EDM, and with the photo looking like the image above, we think they mean business.

unnamed (1)

With both being masters in the art of hard hitting bass, the love child that will come from a mixing of such talent can only be one thing; Earth shattering. While we don’t know much about the project yet, the promise of such talent coming together is thrilling, but only time will tell as to what these two bass lunatics have hidden up their sleeves. Stay tuned for more info on this developing story as we brace ourselves for the coming Basspocalypse.


Get a slight taste of the coming storm with mixes from both ill.Gates and KJ Sawka:

Matthew Jager
From LA to Seattle, the West Coast has always been my home and I take great pride in the music scene we have here. Bass music is my first love, but in reality I love and appreciate all types of music...besides country. Let the music talk. You just have to be ready to listen.
Matthew Jager
- 10 hours ago
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