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#TIDALforALL? More like Super Douche PR Stunt 5000

Tuesday, March 31, 2015
Daniel Taibleson

So I guess we know what it takes to convince Daft Punk to drag their dreary old bones out of their wheel chairs, put on their old people diapers and actually leave the house for a TV commercial. Jay-Z and 57 million dollars. (The price HOV paid to acquire the streaming service). This video made me puke in my mouth. Why you ask? Because these artist's assumed that simply showing up would be enough to convince you to DO AS YOUR TOLD AND USE THIS NEW STREAMING SERVICE. They didn't tell you a damn thing about the service and you can't even try it out without entering a credit card number. Why would I use this service? Why is it better than Spotify? Why does it cost more? Why should I care? ..."Because you say so" not an acceptable answer any of the questions above. And you didn't even attempt Jay-Z. Instead you paraded a bunch of artists around and told them to throw out buzzwords like "revolutionary." Give me a break! Even the mainstream press is laughing at this. But I did crack a smile at Kanye's quote in the beginning...No, not because he is in any way funny, I just started laughing because he sounded EXACTLY like his character on South Park. [caption id="attachment_32001" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Kanye_West-gay-fish-dicks This is not homophobic, he loves fish dicks in his mouth.[/caption]   Is this really what Kanye sounds like? I was horrified by the sounds of his voice. My main question to people who are eating up the idea of "high quality" streaming is..."wait, you don't know the difference between 128kb and 320?" My next thought is...have you seriously not heard about DI.FM? Calvin Harris and Daft Punk: sorry for the wake up call, but your music is already being played on for the other musicians in the video above, most of which, don't even create their own music (or lyrics) Dave Aude has already been turning your shit tracks into club bangers for years (and those are also on DI.FM). dave aude 100 number 1 billboard  hits No seriously. He has 100 #1's. If you don't believe me, here's the list. Wake up peeps. It doesn't matter if a bunch of celebs get together and tell you that something is revolutionary. If you try the service and like it, great, good for you, use it. But the only thing that is revolutionary to ME these days, is the software that makes music streaming a possibility. And if you're reading this blog, and love DANCE MUSIC (aka, good music, nay, the BEST music) then you should head over to DI.FM and check out what they have to offer before you throw $20 a month down the drain so you can listen to Nicki Minaj. Looking for a real explanation about why TIDAL doesn't actually do what's promised? See Mike Fabio's posts on Medium here.