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Is Oshi's Joke Track Actually Funny?

Sunday, June 28, 2015
Natalie Barman

London producer Oshi did something unusual (although not unheard of) on Soundcloud: he put out a track that mocks progressive house music. The song kind of has a build-up, kind of has a drop and kind of has big room vibes despite being less than a minute long. It's called "WHEN UR EDM AF!!!! SPINNIN' RECORDS SIGN ME PLS" and the sole hashtag is "# ITS A JOKE." Kind of funny, right? Maybe, but maybe not. For the record, I'm not a big fan of progressive house music. I rarely listen to it anymore for a variety of reasons. However, just because I'm not a fan doesn't mean that I go around making fun of progressive house music/fans. If you like something, then you like something. I'm not here to judge. That being said, I don't think Oshi should have put out a song mocking progressive house music. He's an extremely talented producer who has put out a lot of innovative music. Just because big room house doesn't float his boat doesn't mean that he should be taking a dig at people who enjoy it. UPDATE: Several hours after writing this article, Oshi took down "WHEN UR EDM AF!!!! SPINNIN' RECORDS SIGN ME PLS." Maybe he realized that the joke wasn't as funny as he thought. Check out Oshi's latest tracks below.