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LTN showcases the extended mixes of "A Long Walk To Freedom" & "Fuego De Amor"

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

LTN brings his gorgeous Progressive style back to Enhanced Progressive with a further taster from his recent album People I'll Never Forget. With a two track EP featuring "A Long Walk To Freedom" and "Fuego De Amor," LTN displays with this package how recent praise and accolades lauded on his debut album have been well-deserved.

LTN - A Long Walk to Freedom (Extended Mix)

Kicking off with "A Long Walk To Freedom," LTN's lush chord progression, elegant FX and undeniable groove make their way to the fore to result in a dreamy chunk of Progressive goodness which saw high-praise from fans and the music press. Next up is one of the most unique tracks from the album, "Fuego De Amor", which sees LTN display his incredible ear for innovative, unique and boundary-pushing techniques coupled with the Indonesian producer's ability like no other to create atmosphere 'Fuego De Amor' results in a beautiful slice of Progressive Trance.

LTN - Fuego De Amor (Extended Mix)

Grab two of the most talked about tracks from LTN's highly-acclaimed album People I'll Never Forget in their full, extended form now on Beatport.