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Light Up the Dance Floor with Fiber Optics

Thursday, August 06, 2015
Dakota Orlando

Are you getting bored with your rave wardrobe and wish there was something new and original you could wear to your next show? Well, you don't have to let the stage lights be the only thing that glows next time you head to see your favorite DJ. Your Mind Your World is a Miami based rave wear brand that names itself "the new generation brand for happy people around the world". The small company has big goals with its plans to spread happiness world wide, and its apparel is definitely something to smile about.10363465_720638827978098_8250544987645917839_o On their website you will find a Style Collection and a Glowing Collection. The Style Collection embodies their motto and their logo. Colorful patterns of smiley faces and bright lettering cover a more traditional line of hats and t-shirts. What really makes their brand unique is  what you will find in the Glowing Collection. Glowing-Dress-Glowing-Jacket-Glowing-Purse-9s-1 While some of these items may seem a bit expensive, you must realize you are paying for state of the art technology. From purses, to blazers and hoodies, you can cover your body in over 3/4 of a mile of fiber optic fibers and glow from within. What looks like a white jacket can instantly transform into a piece of technological wearable art. With one charge you can glow in style for up to 8 hours. Each piece comes with a remote control that allow the garment's  blink or trickle like rain. Not only will you truly stand out amongst all in attendance, but as a bonus, you will never get lost in the crowd again! Some people make their own festival totems - Your Mind Your World allows you to become one.