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Deadmau5 Trolls Jack Ü & Bieber with "Making of" Video

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I'm not a fan of his music, however the antics of Joel Zimmerman, AKA Deadmau5, can only be described as incorrigible. Earlier this year, his twitter-fueled trolling of Krewella's set garnered more attention at Ultra Music Fest than the act itself - all without setting foot on South Beach. Krewella hasn't been the only target of Zimmerman's ire. It all started in June with a fairly standard Deadmau5 track review of "Where Are Ü Now" ft. Jack Ü & Justin Bieber.

Which he followed up with a HILARIOUS remix...

Yesterday, however, was when the real comic gold began. The New York Times published a feature on the making of the track. About 18 seconds in, Bieber opens with “it’s expensive, the sounds we used are not cheap.” Skrillex and Diplo's aloof attempts to explain their production process didn't help matters (see an an example of a well done process video here). It didn't take long for our favorite hero of the internet to chime in with his own Making Of video, complete with "expensive sounds" and a thorough twitter rant as well.

Yeah. It's expensive allright. This fucking remix cost me 60k.

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