Mikkas Says Goodbye to Music…For Now

Alas, Kasper Smed Nielsen, aka ‘Mikkas’ is calling it quits (for now) on his career in music production. The 26-year old Dane and expert Electro-Trance producer put out a Facebook post on his artist page yesterday afternoon, announcing his retirement. Although Mikkas has been on the scene since at least early 2010, you may best remember the name from his club-banging remix for Emma Hewitt (which has racked up over a million plays on Youtube) or his anthem remix of Porter Robinson’s single ‘Unison.’ I just spent the last hour scouring Youtube and Soundcloud for any and all Mikkas productions, and as of yet I can’t find one I’m unhappy with!

Because of his genre-bending and electrifying sound, Mikkas is dearly loved by music lovers from all walks of life. The fan response to his announcement has been overwhelmingly supportive but certainly comes with elements of sadness, disappointment, and nostalgia. His retirement does not, however, come with surprise. Mikkas’ production output has been inconsistent over the past year, and his social media presence almost random (just look at the dates for his posts over the past year; very few and oddly spread out). When it seems like an artist has had enough of the scene, or just plain isn’t feeling inspired anymore, it is up to us as a community to do our part in supporting the artist and show gratitude for the gifts they’ve already given us. A perfect example of this can be found at the top of the top of the comments section on the Facebook post, where Amba Shepherd (collaborating vocalist on their original single ‘Finally‘) offers her words of appreciation to her friend and fellow artist. Shepherd is not the only one to take time to show their support in a comment on the post, and several other major artists’ words can be found below the post.

The entire announcement on Facebook can be found below:

Dear friends, there comes a day when oneself must look at his life and ask himself if the path he is following is…

Posted by Mikkas on Sunday, October 18, 2015

highly encourage readers to spend a few minutes searching posts dating back to 2010, where many of Mikkas’ older but equally stunning music pieces can be found posted with Youtube links. So long for now, Mikkas; your music will always hold a special place in our hearts!



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