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Are you ready for an all night Disco Frisco?

Friday, September 12, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

One of the most powerful things about music is its ability to transport us to different places, different states of mind. Clean, sexy, smooth, sensual...whatever words you want to use to describe this track, nothing will do it as much justice as hitting play. Stick this one out until the 1 minute mark I think you'll agree, Michael Cassette knows how to make music that moves us.

Michael Cassette - Disco Frisco

Who is Michael Cassette?  I'm not sure. Except that he's from Helsinki. His bio on both Soundcloud and Facebook has weird anecdotes in them like: "Life hasn't always been easy for Michael Cassette. For personal reasons he has chosen not to be in public."  Or this Soundcloud description from his 12 track release titled Temporarity on Anjunadeep in 2010: "Life hasn’t always been easy for Michael Cassette. In a life of sadness, this 80s-inspired electronic producer seeks refuge in his studio; basking in the bright, neon sparkle of retro synths and soaking up the warm embrace of classic analogue grooves." Temporarity For some reason I'm unable to embed the playlist from soundcloud, but I'd highly recommend listening to it here: Whoever Michael Cassette is, and whatever he's been through that's made his life so rough, I hope he's doing better now, and thank god he's channeled his emotions into his music, because his pain is my pleasure. Disco Frisco.