Only the finest French Nu Disco

Not really sure how, but I stumbled upon this song while on Youtube, and I’m really glad I did. It’s Ricky Ducati’s (I have NO idea who he is) lyrics on Alan Braxe’s and Fred Falke’s “Automatic”.

The original by itself is amazing, so I’m surprised that it was able to sound as good, if not better. The lyrics give it a more dreamy vibe. So thank you Ricky Ducati, you unknown singer.

Since we’re already on the subject of Alan Braxe, I thought I might as well include the mix where the original is ripped from.

This entire mix is full of incredible nu disco tracks, thanks to the¬†fact that most of them are produced by French legends. I believe this is also the only mix that includes “Automatic”, which never had an official release. So sit back, and enjoy some of the finest french nu disco there is.


Pedro Garcia

Pedro Garcia

Pedro grew up in the PNW but now resides in New Jersey. He covers all genres of music for OTB.
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