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St. Luke Stakes Claim as Patron Saint of Scottish House Music

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Keith Ancker

I have a confession. There was a point in my musical past where I f***ing hated disco. I would've happily locked every disco act I could name in a room, handed gasoline & matches to Sid Vicious and toasted heroin-soaked marshmallows in the flames. Luckily, I’m over it. Coz if I was still such an angry young man, I wouldn't be able to appreciate this little gem.

St Luke - Thinking Of You

St. Luke’s “Thinking of You” is a joyous piece of disco house bliss and if you don’t like it, the problem isn’t the song. Groundbreaking? Eh, not really. Taking a chopped vocal sample, toss in some uplifting piano chords, slide a sexy-ass 4/4 beat and thumping bass line underneath, and you haven’t changed the world. So why should you care? The same reason you go to a top-notch steakhouse when you could grill a t-bone at home: some people do things so superlatively well that even if it’s been done before, you’d be a sucker for skipping it. [caption id="attachment_29364" align="aligncenter" width="302"]steak gif mmmmm floating steak[/caption] The Scottish producer has managed to take those simple elements – vocals, piano, beat, bass – and mix them together in just the right proportions, with just the right touch to make “Thinking of You” one of those tracks you’d be perfectly happy to lose your mind to in a haze of lasers, glitter, confetti and cocktails right when the night peaks. For more on St. Luke, drop by Censored Records' Soundcloud page...