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Ableton 9 Tip: How to Drag a Section of Automation

Friday, March 22, 2013

When automating parameters in Ableton Live 9. Because of the new automation curve capabilities, you may be wondering how do perform a a classic section automation that you fell in love with in Ableton Live 8. The trick to performing this function in Live 9 is all in the way you hover your cursor over the automation break points you are looking to change.
  1. While in arrange mode in Live, highlight the section of audio your looking to automate.
  2.  Once you've selected your section, hover your cursor over the automation line within your highlighted area. (Notice that the entire automation line as well as any added break points within the highlighted area will highlight blue.)
  3. Click and drag up or down while the automation line is highlighted blue to create a full section of automation.
!!Be careful not to click directly on the automation line itself. This will create a single break point on the automation line!!!
Credit: @_litb3dit_ & myself @afterlightmusic