Production Tips by astrofunk: Spicing Up Loops with Transposition & Delay

In this week’s production tips one of our favorite newbies on the scene astrofunk will be going over ways to spice up your old loops using transposition and delay-based effects on Ableton Live.


Transposition is normally used for re-pitching samples and loops by moving them in semitones. This means that each time you move the transposition it will shift up (or down) by one semitone, which is one half step on a keyboard. In this tutorial transposition is used in creative way by modulating (automating) it to give the loop a warped and more contemporary sound. Lastly some delays are added on to further spice up the loop.

*Make sure to watch the tutorial in 1080p HD to ensure the picture comes out clearly

If you have any questions from the tutorial feel free to leave a comment so he can get back to you!

Jordan Ruzic

Jordan Ruzic

Jordan goes by the moniker astrofunk and produces emotional dance music. He posts production tutorial's on OTB but you can find his music here:
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