Sampling from Drum Loops in Ableton Live

In this week’s production tips l I go over using loops to sample out parts of the audio and use as percussive elements in your own music. Sampling from my loop libraries has become a much bigger part of my production process over the past few months. It has opened a lot more creative doors as well as speed up my workflow so I figured I would share with you how I go about doing it.

There is a link to the song below and a link to my buddy Prower’s Soundcloud who originally got me into this way of working. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a line. Enjoy!

Prower on Soundcloud:

Karin Park – Shine (astrofunk remix)

Don’t stop now, you’re just getting started. Educate yo’self!

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Jordan Ruzic

Jordan Ruzic

Jordan goes by the moniker astrofunk and produces emotional dance music. He posts production tutorial's on OTB but you can find his music here:
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