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Production Tutorials By Trance Producer Tygris!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

tygris-profile-picAllen Mushulu, a.k.a. Tygris has been blasting the trance charts with his singles regularly for the past few months. His latest single "Milan" is an absolute juggernaut alongside the chilled-out breakbeat flavor of "Chicago." Listen and enjoy! How do you learn that caliber of production? Start with some kick-ass tutorials on YouTube posted by the man himself! Tygris guides us from untitled sound, through creating envelopes and assigning oscillators in this video on plucks: The basic idea here is to create a huge layered synth that can be tucked away using a MIDI controlled low-pass filter. Starting with the combination of square-saw, formant saw, deep throat and the phase modulator then adding noise, reverb and dimension expander for size.bigger-is-better Native Instruments Massive is my starter synth and I haven't outgrown it yet. One commonality among the multitude of dissenting opinions is that you should pick a synthesizer and get good with it before buying every product on the market. If you're a Logic Pro user: Here's an in-depth look at widening and beefing up your drum pads for that club-ready sound! For a truly crisp and popping sound you need plugins like reverb, delay and stereo imager making this a very important video to watch for anybody who wants to produce dance music. IMO: The spread of certain insider tips on production is helpful to the industry because it promotes innovation. When other producers start releasing similar music to yours, you need to up your game to stay ahead.

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Thank you Allen and all other artists that help educate aspiring producers!