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Ansol & Dyro - Top Of The World (Original Mix)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Daniel Taibleson

Ansol & Dyro's Progressive House track is a demonstration of the successful collaborations that couldn't happen 50 years ago.When I first heard this track on Marcus Schossow's podcast, Tone DiariesI was just pumped to have found a new track to share with you guys. As I started digging deeper and doing some research about the artists I found out that Dyro is an up and coming star from the Netherlands who released his first EP on Hardwell's Revealed Records, while Ansol is actually a duo, one member from Vancouver BC and the other from Oslo Norway. I had a moment of awe where I realize how global Electronic Dance Music's reach has really become. The internet has all but destroyed the idea of borders and anyone in the world can be Skyped into a conversation. The best of the best all over the world are teaming up to create musical master pieces and we get to reap the benefits. Talk about a great time to be alive. Imagine if Beethoven could hit up Mozart on Facebook and send him a SoundCloud link to a symphony he was working on. Collaboration is the new innovation.