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EDX @ Kingdom - Austin

Friday, October 05, 2012

Rain was dumping in Austin, TX. The excitement was puddling up outside as people waited to get into the Kingdom and start their Friday. RealMusic Events celebrated their three year anniversary with the annual ‘I Wear My Sunglasses at Night’ theme, and OTB was granted access to the show. Most came to see EDX, but in the Austin EDM scene, DJ Andrew Parsons has his own loyal following.  Before his set, Parsons was chopping it up with everyone who came out. As his set came on the crowd really started filling in and Parsons coolly took his position up top.   Once his first build up began the OTB camera crew began to get to work as the pack of fans started squeezing closer to the stage. DJ Andrew Parsons got the crowd humming just right for the headliner, EDX. Newcomers and old, Austin vets were all feeling the vibe and EDX was given his turn to take Kingdom into some group therapy.  The GoGo Gadgettes were up front, of course, and the people in the back began slowly but surely thrusting  their body to the beats. EDX, who has been in the scene since before many in the crowd could even talk, was a strong headliner for Kingdom. Bringing shows like this to Austin improves the scene as a whole and adds (even more) legitimacy to the promoter RealMusic as the best in the area. From the start the crowd was energetic and EDX made a big splash taking some hard synth stabs and making everyone anxiously await the set to go full blown. His progressive house remixes are nothing short of beautiful. His energy mixed with the dancing girls up front and the party all the way to the bar made this one of the better shows I’ve been to. It wasn’t a big production blow-out, it was small, grimy and true to EDM’s roots. The music fit the room and nobody strayed from diving into the sound.  Take any opportunity you have to see EDX.