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Justin Michael - Her World Goes On (2013 Mixes)

Thursday, March 21, 2013
Daniel Taibleson

Justin Michael

As electronic dance music grows in popularity it's often good to go back and re-examine some of the songs that were good but maybe ahead of their time – and that is exactly what Justin Michael is trying to do with this track, make it better. And he has. I was a little skeptical of the track for obvious reasons, it has Bruno Mars in it...And Justin has also switched up his look tremendously, which threw me for a loop, but I have to admit, this song goes hard. Some serious Progressive House. The original track not only features vocals by world-renowned pop star BRUNO MARS, but it also amassed an impressive 3 MILLION PLAYS on YouTube – quite the feat for any musician today. And now with standout remixes by THE 8th NOTE & WEEKEND HEROES, FERI & MULTI and Justin Michael  himself, “Her World Goes On” originally released in 2010 is bound to resurface in a big way. Below is a preview of his upcoming track with Digital Freq called 'The Way I Feel' [youtube id="R9g_q_ts5hw" width="620" height="360"] Justin went back to the drawing board for his newest versions of the track to bring a deep and dark progressive track with enough emotion to power Las Vegas for a night. Weekend Heroes & The 8th Note will woo any crowd with guitar riffs and a drop that will make the crowd go wild, while upcoming duo Feri & Multi go for an epic sound with a more electro moody vibe – rounding out the remix package in a big big way.