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Another Anthem From Thomas Newson - "Don't Hold Us" ft. Angelika Vee

Friday, February 21, 2014
Sam Storch


If you are not familiar with the name Thomas Newson get used to hearing the name a lot in the near future because everything this 19-year-old produces is pure gold. With two mega tracks already under his belt (Flute & Pallariod) the EDM world has been anxiously awaiting what new tune Thomas would unleash… and now we have it. On Monday February 24th, his brand new track “Don’t Hold Us” featuring Angelika Vee will be released on Zouk Recordings by Armada Music. It’s not often that we see a producer that can produce a variety of different tracks under different genres, but with this track Thomas demonstrates his amazing versatility. A cross between his normal electro style and the progressive anthems we know and love, “Don’t Hold Us” seems to be a track that will appeal to everyone. What ultimately makes this track destined to be a chart topper is the beautiful vocals and lyrics provided by Angelika Vee. With another phenomenal track about to be released, all we can and should hope for is that Thomas Newson stays on this roll.