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"Close Yet Far" - A New Progressive EP from Samee!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

samee-logoI want to start off by saying I do not regularly or often listen to progressive house or chill music. I am an energy junkie and can't get enough of seems to be anything. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed this EP. Listening to it several times really opened up my mind to the art behind the more tame EDM genres. Now on to Samee- He's Moroccan! That's totally badass, IMO. Mad props to producers from unexpected places (I only say unexpected because I, along with countless others, associate only a handful of countries with EDM). With only 9 releases on Beatport, Samee is an underdog for sure and it's probably because it's harder to break through the international threshold within the more chill genres (thanks to people like me). To be honest, I had to do research to find this out but the big Moroccan producers are pretty much RedOne, Mednas and Samee. RedOne and Mednas are actually rather well established,  both having thousands of followers and working with major pop icons. Apparently also R3hab's Parents(?) are Moroccan. morocco-flag     Anyway, on to the tracks!

"Close Yet Far" Original Mix

The title track is like the first-born child of an EP or album. Everyone looks to it as an example and expects nothing but best at every turn. "Close Yet Far" has a summer-time driving feel that just takes me away. Airy and light vocals over panned delay chord plucks which are soon replaced by another, bolder lead. Thought-provoking and heart-warming, the breakdown is a perfect balance of sound. The kicks are soft but turn the heat up real fast. Like waves of velvet, the sweet compression swings the heavily reverbed synths. After another quick energy up, we get to the funky bass line from the beginning and this time it feels familiar, like an old friend you haven't seen in a while. Just like any great progressive track, "Close Yet Far" feels like the rolling waves that could go on forever.

"Endless Premonition" Original Mix

Facebook Post 02-19
I can see why Ferry picked this track for his show, it's so well put together. First off, IT ISN"T OVERCOMPRESSED! I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't compressed at all (aside from sidechain) and that is a serious statement. We've all heard the superstars arguing over compression but what we all need to realize is some artists are not putting their tracks through absurd amounts of compression. **For those unaware, Compressors basically bring up the quietest bits and lower the loudest, making the overall mix less dynamic which allows you to bump the gain = louder. Armin Van Buuren, himself said that instead of master bus compression, he believes it's essential to have great sounding instruments.  

"Life As We Know It" Original Mix

Time to Chill out, folks. Here's a down-tempo tune to help you think about your day. What did you do? Who did you meet? Are you happy? Hopefully the answer is YES! because L.A.W.K.I. is so very feel-good. Samee doesn't disappoint with his ability to create the perfect lead melody. I am in love, not only with the patch but the notes as well. He also gives us the almost The Knife-esque plucky synth from the beginning  to round off the lead. It took some time, but I tracked down the voice in the sample: