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"City Dreams" - That's That S*** We Do Like

To the EDM community, March is a big month of the year - at the end of the month one of the biggest music conferences in the world takes place in the form of Miami Music Week, which culminates to a huge finish through Ultra Music Festival. In honor of these massive events taking place, Nicky Romero releases a yearly compilation CD through Protocol Recordings to get one in the mood for future festivities. This year's "Miami 2014" compilation was filled with several heavy-hitting progressive house tunes that continue to give the record label a good name.

City Dreams - Hats Off Tunes & CreamyCookies

Featured on the compilation is a fantastic collaboration of the wonderful CreamyCookies (one of their tracks was featured here last week) and the inspiring Hats Off Tunes. Together, these two duos created "City Dreams," an incredibly well-produced track that perfectly captured the energy of Miami. My favorite part about this track is that it brings me back to progressive house productions of 2008-2012, which I consider to be a golden age of sorts of this genre. Not only does "City Dreams" feature a an intense drop that gets you moving (that also reminds me of older Swanky Tunes productions), but it also utilizes something that not too many big-time house producers use these days: a nice breakdown that gives the song time to build up in a smoother progression. Even better are the orchestral accents! I highly encourage everyone who likes this song to support these guys and purchase the track on Beatport!
City Dreams