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Paris & Simo vs Jochen Miller - Flash

Thursday, April 24, 2014
Dan Pearse

Paris & Simo’s avatarJochen Miller’s avatar Dutch producer Jochen Miller collaborates with upcoming Canadian Duo group Paris & Simo to release the single "Flash" on Trice Recordings. Paris & Simo who first made their name last year with releases such as "Tundra" and "Escape" have been relatively quiet recently, releasing the odd remix and bootleg now and then. Hopefully they have big plans for the summer. By contrast Jochen Miller has recently released "Cubic" on Armada Records and has continued to host his monthly music podcast "Stay Connected" for his fans.

The Track

"Flash" contains a nice Progressive themed melody that traces influences from Paris and Simo. The track's buildup and development also features plenty of synths and pitch drops which can be attributed to Miller. Both artists come together to create a Trouse-themed drop which is both fast and constant. All in all, a mellow track made by some aspiring artists. jochen miller free download