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What's Better Than Kanye? Grum's Remix of "Nobody To Love"

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Christina Hernandez

"Uh huh honey!" was my immediate thought when I pressed play on the Soundcloud link for Grum's track as the familiar vocal sample Kanye West used in his song "Bound 2" played in my ears. However, this was no cheesy song. Instead, Grum brings his happy, Eric Prydz-esque Progressive House style to the remixing table whilst hashing out his version of Sigma's "Nobody To Love."

Nobody To Love (Grum Remix) - Sigma

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In a time of stress as my college career is ending and the real world casts an ominous cloud over my head, tracks like this with their high energy, light melodies, mellow tempos, and high-pitched synths just make me smile. Listening to happy songs like "Nobody To Love (Grum Remix)" allow me to immerse myself in the music and take myself to a more relaxed setting, reminiscing on fun times dancing with my friends to tracks such as these. Not to mention, it's been a while since I heard a really good traditional progressive house track! Keep up the good work Grum, and thanks for bringing some light to the week.
Nobody To Love