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Bear Knowledge Releases First EP, Everything At Once

Saturday, May 17, 2014
Ashley Ingersoll

Aaron Jacobs, otherwise known as Bear Knowledge, is one of the newest producers in the scene.  Graduating from the top of his class at Icon Collective in Los Angeles, he promptly began constructing the framework for his debut EP, Everything At Once.  As the title suggests, Jacobs is looking to keep himself out of the proverbial corners that genre labels tend to paint, and each track has it's own unique quality and sound, bringing you a little something of once. The album kicks off at 120BPM with the track "Workin' On Down the River". It lures you in with a slow build of piano chords, steadily adding synths and whimsically dark melodies against a subtle but heavy bassline. The track is thought-provoking, allowing it's listener to fall into it's ominous liquidity. Only a couple of minutes later, however, the bass resonates and your emotions vibrate with the music, being taken to another plane entirely. There is something deep and tranquil about the fluidity of the track, letting you to take in the music while your mind wanders in your thoughts.

Bear Knowledge - "Workin' on Down the River"

In his second track, Jacobs transports from deep/tech house to grimy dub seamlessly. The track titled "Never Had It(But I Know What It Feels Like)" begins with the smooth sound of stringed instruments, and is somehow transformed to a UK Dub-inspired hit. Though the bass hits hard, the vocals of Andi featured on the track keep a polished resonance of happiness.

Bear Knowledge - "Never Had It(But I Know What It Feels Like) feat Andi"

The third and final track on the EP titled "Sundance at Skyline" is a progressive house tune desiged to invite its recipients on an adventure.  This track is perfect if you're looking to explore the world at 128bpm, continuously being taken on dips and dives of synths and kickdrums.  An uplifting ending to a fabulous debut album.

Bear Knowledge - "Sundance at Skyline"

Although his time spent as a producer has been brief, it's clear Aaron Jacobs is setting his sights for nothing short of everthing.  Having such eclectic taste as Red Hot Chili Peppers to Dr. Dre and even Ben Gibbard, you can expect his music to reflect the same. Refusing to be bound by labels, Jacobs is looking to the future, hoping to have his own record label within the next couple years, and setting a goal to play Coachella Valley Music Festival by the age of 25. He lends his success in part to his parents, as they have always been there to guide him. However, his cornerstone has been music, saying "Music would be my biggest supporter in this. It gives me a reason to wake up in the morning and feel good about the day. Whenever I hit a speed bump, Music always can get me over it, it's my biggest inspiration and my closest companion." With such varied taste, a musical education, and a passion for what he does, you can expect big things from Bear Knowledge.  Check him out for yourself: