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Rising Trance Trio Dimibo to Perform at EDC w/ New Single

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The life of a producer is full of milestones: buying your first set equipment set, creating your first awesome original song, winning a contest with said song and getting invited to play at one of the world's biggest electronic music know, the usual stuff. That last milestone may seem like only a dream for most up-and-comers, but for three Seattle-based trance and progressive house producers, that dream is becoming a reality this weekend at EDC. Filip Pankovcin, Brennan Loney and Loch Stimpson have come together to form the trio Dimibo and their latest track, "Shangri La" was one of the winners for Insomniac Events' Discovery Project, a collab with Motorola that "aims to provide an open door for undiscovered dance music talent." Dimibo was one of just 15 winners out of the thousands of entries that the project received, making this an incredible milestone for the three. Pankovcin and Loney are the two original members of Dimibo; Stimpson (who had been producing his own material at the time) approached the two after hearing the release of their track "Marathon" and before long, the duo became a trio. Stimpson says "Filip and I started to mess around in the studio and pretty soon all of us were working together.  It's rare to have chemistry with anyone in the studio; it's definitely a super personal workflow.  But somehow each of us filled the places where the others were lacking and we got along famously." "Shangri La", a flowy progressive trance track, features soothing piano melodies with a slow buildup that will send shivers down your spine at the drop. "That's totally our baby", says Stimpson. "It was a chord progression that I had come up with forever ago and we just built on in terms of the beat, overall theme, and genre direction" he notes. The trio is a working machine, taking advantage of each other's strengths and working in their own talents. "Filip is the mastermind behind the beats and making them super chunky and drivey, I usually take the reigns on the breakdown, progression and melodies, and Brennan is the genius at sound design, taking all our jumbled ideas and mixing them down perfectly and creating the right sounds to do so. It's like three pieces to a super complicated puzzle." The well-crafted puzzle of Dimibo isn't done here; the three are creating three more tracks that are almost done that they'll be dropping soon, so keep an eye out. What's next after performing for thousands of people at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway this weekend?  "We're in it for the long haul" says Stimpson.  "It's really all about production.  Sadly, being a DJ isn't a distinguishable skill anymore.  So we're gonna crank out some next level music and let that take us where we want to go.  Starting with EDC, which I feel like isn't a bad place to start!"