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Falling in Love with Gravity

Thursday, June 26, 2014
Zack Long

gravity hands Have you ever listened to a track and immediately gotten a wave of goosebumps, happiness, and love that overcomes your entire body? Well, that is what happened to me when I first heard an incredibly fantastic new track called "Gravity" by Kevin Wild, Punk Party, and Kelly Sweet. Like her last name suggests, Kelly Sweet sprinkles her flawless and sweet vocals over this track and makes the love flow throughout. Kevin Wild and Punk Party collaborated to make a true masterpiece that includes some trance and progressive house aspects, and brings all of the feels. gravity feels Let's turn to the name of the track for a moment: "Gravity." It is what keeps us rooted. Which is exactly the opposite of what I want to do when I listen to this track, I want to dance like crazy, but that is beside the fact. This kind of track is what brings people, like myself, back to the present world. It makes me want to tell all of my friends how much I care about them, and continue to spread kindness everywhere I go. I imagine myself dancing to this track at an outdoor festival as the sun goes down with my loving friends and having the time of our lives (here is a shout out to you Paradiso Festival!). Honestly, if I hear this track live I will probably be the happiest person alive. If you have heard this track live, what did it do for you? Let us know in the comments below! "Gravity" is out now on Beatport and will be out on iTunes on June 30th, so make sure you grab your copy as soon as you can! And to all of you going to various festivals throughout the world in the coming weeks and months, have a fantastic time, and don't forget to dance on!