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Impressive “Hear Me” Remix by Bynon

Friday, June 27, 2014
MIchael Iuorio

If you have been unsuccessful in discovering your newest summer anthem, then you are in luck my friends. Ivan Gough and Feenixpawl recently dropped their new single, “Hear Me” which was accompanied by two awesome remix-packages.  However, one remix truly stands out in my mind.  Canadian DJ/producer Bynon unleashes his talents onto his remix of the track, and the result is epic.  Bynon keeps to the progressive house nature of the production, but adds new elements that build to a crescendo of impressive chords and an awe-inspiring drop that I absolutely cannot wait to hear live.  Christine Hoberg’s vocal will  infiltrate your mind and you will be singing the contagious lyrics in your head for days. This remix sounds equal to world-class productions we hear from top DJ’s in the game today. With a solid amount of plays on SoundCloud and a strong presence on the Beatport Top 100, Bynon’s remix of “Hear Me” has the potential to be huge, and I really hope it does.

 About Bynon

Bynon, also known as Richard Beynon, is a house DJ/producer originating from Canada. Bynon was educated at the Langley School of Fine Arts and McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and became a top clarinet player.  He dabbled in DJ’ing in 2006, and quickly became a force to be reckoned with in Canada’s EDM scene.  His track “Stupiddisco” became a hit on the Beatport Top 100 reaching number 11, and his upcoming collaboration with Project 46, “Eyes,” is absolute fire.  With an already successful single, a promising new collaboration and now the explosive remix of “Hear Me,” Bynon has what it takes to become a household name in Electronic Dane Music. Check out Bynon's awesome remix of "Hear Me" here: