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Futuristic Friday: Frontload Orders "Dr. Who"

Friday, August 01, 2014
Travis Quick

frontload-logoFrontload released an explosive single called "Dr. Who," putting the trio from Vienna on the map with a song that's just what every progressive house lover wants to hear. Many people are probably wondering who the heck Fronload is? Did they just pop up out of nowhere? What is the deal? Well I hope this can answer some confusion. Frontload has been gaining a lot of traction in the first part of this year while continuing to release singles and mixes. They are just starting to get their name out, and man are they going to become big once people start listening to them. In the words of Beatport:

"We think that actions speak much louder than words and with an upcoming release schedule like this as well as numerous gigs coming in rapidly Frontload are ‘the whole package’!!! Remember the name – you will be hearing it a lot very soon."

futuristic-head-bob The beginning of their latest song reminds me a little of Daft Punk, but holy cow, this song is unique in of itself. Once "Dr. Who" gets going there is no stopping the inevitable lift off. Get ready for those hips to swing and the casual head bob. It's almost as if you are being teleported somewhere in the future, along for a ride. The destination is unknown, but the journey is incredible. Frontload does an amazing job with "Dr. Who" and I expect many more great hits from this powerhouse trio. What are you waiting for? Press play and be taken to another planet!

 Frontload - Dr. Who

Check Out Frontload's Soundcloud Page Here!