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Pryda - Proving Time & Time Again That it is Possible to Have an Eargasm.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014
Christina Hernandez

Finally (after three weeks of teasing), it has arrived. For those of you who haven't caught up on social media or the Eric Prydz Facebook page yet, the progressive house maestro released a new EP through his alias Pryda today.

Origins EP - Pryda

And hooooly mother god, it is good. It was so good that I almost had to take a break in the middle to recover from the intensity! In this new EP Pryda takes a deeper, darker direction, leading to four sensual tracks that make you want to groove at a warehouse rave in the wee hours of the morning.  Below, fellow writer Conner Thomas and I will be reviewing each song on an individual basis.

1. Mija

Christina: Pryda is famously known for taking his time building up songs then leading into an amazing, complex last part of the track. He does no different in "Mija," the first production of the EP. "Mija" begins with a soft kick, catchy bassline, and a gentle-yet-bassy "wub" that reminded me of a John Digweed track. Then, a cool voice sample. Just when you think that's the whole song, Pryda hits you in the face with more volume, electric guitars, and a sexy melody. I need to catch my breath from the awesomeness of this piece! Conner: There are a lot of things about this track that make it my favorite progressive track of the year. It's the arpeggiated chimes that sound like they cascade down on my ears, like some sort of waterfall in G minor. It's that gutted, gnarly growl that wobbles in the background of the track the whole time. And more than anything, it's the absolute simplicity of the entire track. There aren't more than a handful of separate instruments, and that in itself is evidence of Prydz' musical genius.

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2. Origins

Christina: Listening to this song instantly brings me back to when it was just an ID during his EDC set. I wondered what this deep, sultry song was and if I was out of the loop somehow. Guess it was a preview! All 8:28 minutes of this masterpiece were delicious - my personal favorite part was the breakdown. Conner: The first thing that stands out to me about this track is the fantastic vocal sample used throughout. "HAUS MUZIC" echoes in the back of the song through the track, even though the track as a whole sounds a little bit more on the techno side to me. Hey, I'm not complaining though! This is one of those tracks that I just know I need to hear & feel live, as its sound is already monstrous.   

3. Backdraft

Christina: From the perfectly scattered, Deadmau5-y progressive-sounding beginning, "Backdraft" immediately sets itself up to be one of my favorite Pryda songs of all time. Backdraft epitomizes Pryda's ability to create such a simple, yet surprisingly complex tune. Conner: This track, like many other Pryda tracks, is a testament to how a simplistic sounding melody at first can turn into a monster of an epic progressive track. Backdraft is a bit slower-feeling than the rest of the EP, and it definitely embodies a bit more of the darker side of Pryda production. It reminds me a bit of his other alter-ego, Cirez D. Here's hoping to hear some more techno from that side of Eric soon as well!

4. Axis

Christina: "Pjanoo 2.0?" echo the comments on this song's preview link. Indeed, the chord progression on the songs is rather similar. However, Pryda continues to add his darker edge onto "Axis," bringing a minor key, a stronger bass line and tone, and a more serious synth sample to the table instead of a high-pitched, joyful piano. "Axis" in my eyes is its own version of Pryda goodness, not a copy. Conner: When you first start this song, it doesn't waste any time in warm up. The intro itself sounds like an amazing tech-house drumbeat, before dropping the kick and introducing the gliding, chiming, and brooding Pryda synths. It slows a bit and then jumps into yet another amazing, yet still unique Pryda-piano riff, as I like to call it.