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New Music | Bisbetic Feat. Angelika Vee - Feeling (Original Mix)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Sam Storch

Always something to look forward to on a Monday.

Every Monday I wake up with excitement because a new batch of house music tracks will be released. Although I do feel that the house music market is over-saturated with a lot of music that sounds the same (cough cough Garrix), there are always a couple of tracks that sound phenomenal, different and catch my attention. This Monday, August 25th, I stumbled across Bisbetic feat. Angelika Vee – Feeling (Original Mix), and wow I am glad I did. FeelingVeeBisbetic (1)

Bisbetic feat. Angelika Vee – Feeling (Original Mix)

Obviously this is the opinion of one writer, but it seems that vocalists are an unbelievably underrated commodity in the electronic dance music scene. All people seem to care about is “THAT EPIC DROP”, and it dismisses the skill and emotional energy that a phenomenal vocalist can instill in the listener.


Angelika Vee's vocals on the track “Feeling” are what make this track. She should not be dismissed or underrated like a lot of other vocalists. What really stands out about her singing is how simple the verses instrumentals are, and how she is still able to make this track sound so full. It is important to note that I do believe that Bisbetic deserves credit as well for a great track. They were able to produce a track that connects the verse and a beautiful melodic drop perfectly. 8ecc7b601df9818e8ba1970746c06881

Final thought

We should all keep an eye out for Angelika Vee because she may be singing on some major tracks soon. Anyone who is featured on Nicky Romero's Protocal Radio show is likely heading somewhere fast. If you want to check out more of Angelika Vee, look at her other works on SOUNDCLOUD and FACEBOOK.